Nutritional Supplements Rosanax with Bulgarian Rosa Damascena extract

We are the first company to make an in-depth study of the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena as a source for making foods and supplements that have a healthy effect on the human organism.


Rosanax can be ordered online or through our partners’ pharmacies

Rosanax can be ordered online or through our partners’ pharmacies, healthy lifestyle shops, and distributors.


Rosanax Throat - Compressed Lozenges

Unique natural and slow dissolving formula that favorably influences the function of the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat and the respiratory tract.
Provides general soothing and moisturizing effect in the throat,…


Rosanax Gastro - Syrup

Rosanax Gastro syrup is an original combination of Bulgarian Rose Water and plant – based extracts.

The syrup contains deglycyrrhizinised liquorice dry extract, ginger dry extract, chamomile dry extract and Bulgarian…


Rosanax Gastro - Tonic

Rosanax Gastro Tonic is produced by steam distillation of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena flowers.

Has beneficial and tonic effect to the activity of the digestive system during stress, tension and discomfort. Does not…


Rosanax Gastro - Total Care

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